Run Disney Virtual Running Shorts – Red Pants 5K

We’ve had a hard time finding some time to run these virtual races in a very rainy Central FL. We carved out some time this morning and ran the loop around some great resorts. Spencer recommended parking at Disney’s Boardwalk Resort. The loop runs by Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club and the Swan and Dolphin resorts (which are not Disney owned).  It is a nice loop with water views the entire time. This loop can only be done early in the morning. As time goes on, many Guests visit the area for the variety of food and shopping options. Also, Guests can rent Surrey Bikes which are a huge pain to run around! We totally recommend doing this loop in the bikes though in the evening. It’s our favorite thing! Another note is that the boardwalk area is slippery when wet so please use caution in the rainy season.

After our run, we celebrated with Ample Hills Creamery Ice Cream!  This is a new option on the boardwalk and they even have a flavor specific for this location. We enjoyed the ice cream, but what a sugar rush! We recommend eating a salty lunch first, especially after a sweaty run.


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