Pooh & Tigger Costume

Here is our first costume for our Run Disney Challenge!  We decided to do Pooh & Tigger for the Disneyland 5K because the theme is Country Bears and the ride was replaced by a Pooh themed attraction! How silly to have a race themed around an attraction that doesn’t exist at Disneyland! Spencer will be wearing the iconic red Pooh shirt and yellow shorts. I freehand drew the Pooh logo and used puff paint to make it stand out. For my Tigger costume, I used puff paint and fabric paint blended with a sponge to create the fluffy tummy. The black stripes were hand painted on with a puff outline and a fabric fill. The ears were sewn and glued on a headband with a yellow puff paint center. The tail was the trickiest part! I sewed a long cylinder and painted stripes all over. I stitched it directly to the shirt. I wouldn’t reccomend this design for anything longer than a 5K!












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