Nuun Hydration


So before we were runners, we were not big water drinkers.  We had both searched through a variety of hydration techniques.  Many options out there are gritty or do not taste very good.  Our running coach suggested Nuun Hydration.  We use this throughout the week to prepare for training runs and on the weekends to recover from long runs.  It comes in a tablet form and you drop it in your standard water bottle.  About a minute latter it fizzes and becomes a nice lightly flavored beverage.  We both enjoy different flavors and find it very easy to drink.  It definitely helped on days where we strive to drink 64 or more ounces of liquid.

Information from their website

  • gluten free
  • soy free
  • dairy free
  • plant-based ingredients
  • easy to absorb electrolytes

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