Dreamfinder and Figment Costume


Its no secret that EPCOT is our favorite park, so we had to do a race as our favorite characters. For Spencer’s Dreamfinder Costume it was all about finding the right pieces in the best colors. The royal blue jacket pairs nicely with tall purple socks. Spencer had already located Dreamfinder’s iconic top hat from a previous cosplay at a convention.


For Figment, Katie found a bright yellow sweater! She cut out the Figment letters for the front without a stencil to give them a more playful look. She also chose to hand-sew the letters on to make it look more like the original. Being Figment fanatics, Katie has two choices for a hat, either crocheted Figment horns or a cute new full Figment hat from the parks. You might see either one depending on the race day weather!

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