2017 Pro Bowl 5K Orlando

We decided to do this 5K race through EPCOT even though it was not a runDisney event!  We aren’t particularly invested in the Pro Bowl, but we loved the idea of a different race and always jump at the opportunity to spend more time at Disney.  The race was poorly advertised, information was hard to get, and there didn’t seem to be a lot of communication from the race director.  Honestly, going into the race we expected the worst.

Here are our cons from the Pro Bowl 5K:

  • Expensive for a “local” 5K race, even with the Disney perk
  • No shirt!!
  • Bibs weren’t personalized or chipped
  • Only 1 water stop
  • Friday Packet pickup was 10am-2pm (who can make it there??)
  • No Disney Characters (okay so we expected this one)

Here are the pros from the race as well:

  • Great medal!!
  • Super excuse to wear the medal around the park for the rest of the day
  • Smooth sailing on race morning
  • Amazing volunteers
  • Some NFL Mascots at the finish line
  • Same course used for Disney 5K races

At the end of the day, we had a nice time at the race.  If Orlando gets the Pro Bowl bid again in the future, we would consider volunteering for the event instead of running it.  It also fell on the same day as the Lady Track Shack 5K and Katie was sad to miss that race.  If you’re a huge Football fan, this race might be worth it as part of the week’s festivities.  If you’re a local looking for a 5K, look somewhere else.

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