Runner Injury – Peroneal Tendonitis

Sadly, there comes a time in many runner’s lives when they have to suffer a running injury. ┬áIt is Katie’s time and she was just diagnosed with Peroneal Tenodonitis. ┬áThis is pain along the outside edge of one foot and can often be confused with the pain from a stress fracture. ┬áLuckily it is not a fracture and very luckily she does not have to wear a boot!

Causes for this running injury relate to overuse, to harsh of speed workouts, and being born with high arches.  Recovery includes NO RUNNING, anti-inflammatory medicine, and ice.  Make sure you consult with your doctor or orthopedic before beginning a recovery program.  Luckily, swimming and cycling is okay so Katie will be focused on that, some light upper body weights, and yoga.

Her doctor noted that it takes about 6 weeks to fully recover from this.  Luckily Princess Weekend is exactly 6 weeks after the original injury at Light Side Weekend.  We have two smaller local races in between now and then, so Katie will either walk to complete them, or defer her registration.

If you have a running injury that is undiagnosed, but causing constant pain, please seek medical advice immediately. If Katie had not sought out a doctor, the condition could have been much worse.

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