MudHen Half Marathon 2018 Review

It was a no-brainer to pick a New Jersey race – we knew we wanted to be in Wildwood!  When we originally signed up for this race (a year prior), it was called The Wild Half.  DelMo Sports purchased the race series and named it the MudHen Half Marathon, after a new brewery opening near by.  While some minor changes did occur, DelMo Sports kept a solid race with safe streets and water views throughout.

Which classic Wildwood pizza joint is the best? Mack’s or Sam’s Pizza Palace?

MudHen Weekend Warrior

We entered into the Weekend Warrior division which means we completed the 5K race on Saturday and the MudHen Half Marathon on Sunday.  This was nice for us since Katie’s family wanted to participate in the 5K.  For next years race, they are offering a Friday evening 5K, Saturday morning 8K, and Sunday morning Half Marathon.  They have a variety of challenge packages to fit any runner’s needs!  Having the race distances spread out throughout the weekend is a nice perk instead of having to pick one distance on one day.

The MudHen Half Marathon offered free race photos!

MudHen Half Marathon Course

The MudHen Half Marathon Course is a there and back design.  Runners start near the Wildwoods Convention Center and race towards the boardwalk.  From there, runners will pass the Hereford Inlet Lighthouse – lighting the way since 1874!  There is a brief moment of residential running, which was nice for us to shield from the crazy wind!  Three bridges line the course near the turn around.  The first is an easy overpass, the second bridge was a little scary with open metal grate at the top, and the third bridge was the tallest.  With a there and back, keep in mind you will do each bridge twice!

The MudHen Half Marathon course ran right past both of our costumes’ pizza places!

MudHen Half Marathon Perks

Since we signed up for the race prior to the switch in ownership, we received Morey’s Pier Passes.  This was great for us to spend the day Saturday at the pier.  Only one pier was open for the off season, but with little to no lines we had a blast!  Even if the ticket is not included in the future, we would recommend saving some time to explore the boardwalk.

After both the 5K and the Half Marathon, the park across the street was used for food and fun.  Runners could help themseves to a beer from MudHen Brewing and a variety of food options.  We were especially excited about Philly Pretzels after the Half Marathon!  Our only suggestion for next year would be to add more photo opportunities and backdrops!

At both the MudHen Half Marathon and the MudHen 5K we enjoyed craft brews from MudHen Brewing!

MudHen Half Marathon and 5K Medals

Since we ran the Weekend Warrior challenge, we received a medal on Saturday and on Sunday.  The medals differ in size (we always think longer distance = bigger medal).  The really neat option was the magnetic medal add-on to show we completed the challenge!  We were nervous to wear it out to breakfast, but it looks great on our medal racks at home.

MudHen Half Marathon, 5K, and Weekend Warrior medals!

Overall, we loved this race and would absolutely recommend it.  The race was completely closed to traffic, had a generous 4 hour time limit, and boasted amazing views of the water throughout the course.  Being so close to the coast does mean weather could be challenging, so pack some long sleeves and rain options just in case!

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