RunTheBluegrass Half Marathon 2019 Review

RunTheBluegrass is the quintessential Kentucky race. The entire race is contained in the Keeneland Horse Farm property. This lead to running next to horses – seriously how cool, with stunning vistas. We both commented how fast the course went by because we were so in awe of the views. This was wonderful because we spent just a few extra minutes on the course due to the hills, hah.

Our costumes for RunTheBluegrass were inspired by horse jockey silks!

Run The Bluegrass Half Marathon Course

Holy hills, batman. No seriously, we didn’t take these hill warnings seriously. To date, RunTheBluegrass has been our most elevation gain! Yikes! There was not a single flat part of the course. A fellow runner told us there were 37 hills – WHAT?! We should’ve known we were in for trouble the moment we learned all our friends were running the 7 miler. Please don’t let this scare you away from the race, our only purpose is to get you to take is seriously. Train (we used inclines on the treadmill) for hills! Don’t book a half marathon the next day like we did! Drink bourbon to recover!

The course itself was stunning. There is a wonderful feeling running next to a horse. These animals are so strong and so happy running through the open fields. The hills, while daunting, did make the time pass by so quickly. For those of you that chunk the race into small bits, you spend the first few miles with the 7-Mile runners and the last few miles with them as well. It really makes your goals achievable!

The rolling hills of the RunTheBlugrass course were beautiful, but challenging!

Run The Bluegrass Events

Y’all don’t even know how many events you can add on to your race experience! There are options for horse lovers, bourbon lovers, and those who just want to experience Kentucky. We personally did not participate in the sanctioned events due to our time crunch getting to Tennessee the next day, but many of our friends did a bourbon distillery tour and highly recommend it.

Run The Bluegrass Swag

This race boasted a merchandise area and expo that rivaled Disney!! We pre-ordered the Bourbon chocolates and you should too! They sold out quickly and were a million times better than other ones we found in stores. They had milk and dark chocolate varieties and sold out before the expo even started! We also snagged a special roast of coffee from Des Linden and her husband that they aged in real bourbon barrels! How neat!

The RunTheBluegrass medal was stunning and easily one of the prettiest medals we’ve ever received.

Overall, we would highly recommend this course for trained runners. This is not a good race for beginners and anyone who is hesitant should consider the 7-miler option. This entire weekend is a true experience and could be an amazing long weekend getaway!

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