Mississippi Gulf Coast Half Marathon 2019 Review

Mississippi was the cherry on top to a great season of running in 2019! The Mississippi Gulf Coast Half Marathon is a great race in the normally cold December month and a great long weekend destination! Plus, this race is fast and flat! We had a great time enjoying 13.1 miles of beach views.

Our costumes for the Mississippi Gulf Coast Half Marathon were inspired by the casinos along the beach in Biloxi!

Mississippi Gulf Coast Half Marathon Course

The Mississippi Gulf Coast Half Marathon is a point to point race. Runners park at the finish line area and take a shuttle to the starting area of the race. Marathon runners are driven 26.2 miles away, and half marathoners split the distance with a 13.1 mile shuttle ride. This means eventually marathoners will catch runners completing the half marathon distance!

The race starts in Gulfport, MS and hugs the beach line on a straight line into Biloxi, MS. Seriously, we have complained when beach races don’t give us amazing views. The Mississippi Gulf Coast Half Marathon delivers stunning unobstructed beach views for 90% of the course. It was picturesque to say the least!

The race finished with a loop up an overpass, a gentle reminder of our favorite runDisney courses, with a brief there and back before the finish. The finish line was in the baseball field of MGM Park! Finishers were broadcast across the jumbotron as they crossed the finish line!

The beach views along the Mississippi Gulf Coast Half Marathon were gorgeous.

Half Marathon After Party

It was a great vibe to literally finish surrounded by the after party! Just around the top of the stadium was fun food and drink offerings! We were a little bummed that they had already run out of most of the drink options by the time we finished (with hours to go for marathoners). It seems many of the food vendors weren’t taking the tags from our bibs, so runners were taking 6 and 12 packs of cider and beer to go! Spencer enjoyed sliders, gumbo, and pasta! The food was plentiful and fresh! The beer that was left was cold and enjoyable. This seems like an easy fix for next year’s party.

Standing on the infield of MGM Park after finishing the Mississippi Gulf Coast Half Marathon!

Traveling to the Mississippi Gulf Coast

Mississippi is within driving distance for many runners in the Southeast. We made the trek up on Friday and stayed through Monday. This was the perfect long weekend in Biloxi! While we may not be huge gamblers, we love to put a dollar or two in the slot machines. Our real motivation might have been the casino buffets! The Gulf Coast boasts great beach front restaurants too! There are loads of ways to relax before and after your race!

No better way to take it easy post-race than grabbing some beach cocktails and enjoy the stunning Gulf coast line.

Overall, we had a great weekend with a great race! This race is great for beginners with a 7 hour time limit and no hills (except one small overpass). The medals were adorable and we love having the shape of Mississippi hanging on the medal rack. We would absolutely recommend this race for a 50 State Challenge, Proof of Time, or just a run winter (but not too cold) race!

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