Disney Peloton Classes

If you’re like us, when you got your Bike or Tread you immediately looked for Disney classes. When we originally purchased ours, there were none! Luckily, there are now seven Disney Peloton Classes as of January 2021! We have compiled a list here for you so you can take these classes and sing your heart out!

UPDATE: We will try our hardest to keep new classes added to the list below the image. All classes are added as of 1/15/2022

Disney Classes for the Peloton Tread

Disney Classes for the Peloton Bike

Disney Strength & Stretch Classes

Disney Strength & Stretch Classes

These classes range from the Fantasia Soundtrack to the Mouse House Dance Mixes. There is something for every Disney Music Lover!

If you prefer to run or ride through Disney, we have some great Disney Walkthrough Videos on our YouTube channel!

Looking for more information about the Peloton Tread? Check out our comparison of both the Tread and Tread+ in the Peloton showroom in Tampa. We have had the Tread+ for over a year and are still in love with it!

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