Running Universal Jurassic World Run 5K 2019 Review

The inaugural 5K and 10K Challenge Weekend at Universal Hollywood in California was a must-do for us! We couldn’t miss the opportunity to replace the hole in our heart from the loss of theme park runs in Southern California. Would the Jurassic World Run new race series live up to the hype? Absolutely!

Our costumes for the Running Universal Jurassic World Run 5K were inspired by Jurassic Park founder John Hammond and a dinosaur!

Jurassic World 5K Course

The best part of a great 5K course is that you can spend most of the race inside the theme park! This was actually Katie’s first steps inside Universal Hollywood! The course winded through every section of the park so runners were able to explore an empty theme park before the daily crowds! The Universal Hollywood theme park is unique in that there is an upper and lower lot with 4 escalators connecting the two. Luckily, or perhaps unluckily, runners were able to pass between the two via the Studio Tour Tram path!

The best part of this backstage area is that we were able to enter areas on foot that are normally reserved only for viewing from the comfort of your tram car. It was incredible to stop and take pictures by the Bates Motel or through the destroyed neighborhood from War of the Worlds!

Several of the original vehicles from the original Jurassic Park trilogy were along the Tram Tour track at Universal Studios Hollywood!

Unfortunately, what goes down – must go up. That means for the last bit of the course, we were climbing up a hill to the finish line. For us Floridians, it was challenging. With the lenient 17 minute mile time requirement, this is still manageable for new runners! Plus, the entire course really made the hills worth it!

Jurassic World 5K Entertainment

Staring off the race was our favorite race announcer – Rudy! You may remember him from previous runDisney races! On the course we were treated to some great meet and greets! We stopped to meet some Jurassic Park characters, a real Raptor, and a massive Triceratops! There were also on-course photographers to take action photos. Plus, runners were able to stop for stationary photos in front of great props such as the classic Jurassic Park Jeep or even a giant dino!

Face characters from Universal Hollywood portraying Dennis Nedry, Ian Malcolm, and Henry Wu were on the course greeting runners and taking photos!

Jurassic World 5K Medal and Swag

Dinosaur medals! We were seriously excited for Dinosaur medals, especially since we are Jurassic World (and Jurassic Park) fans! The medals were simple in the sense that there was no glitter or spinner, but we felt they really embodied the spirit and theme of the race. The T-Shirt we received was cute, but not a technical wicking tee. This means it likely won’t get worn as we simply can’t run in cotton in Florida for most of the year.

The best way to celebrate finishing the Running Universal Jurassic World Run 5K was with a tiki drink at Isla Nu-Bar!

We also received a great themed drawstring bag! That was great for storing everything during packet pickup! Since we had the VIP package, we also snagged a great metal water bottle and adorable dinosaur pin! Extra swag, is always a great perk.

Overall, we were thrilled with the new Running Universal Events! We loved the idea of having a 5K and 10K weekend to receive a bonus challenge medal! Running through the back lot area of Universal Hollywood in addition to the actual theme park was exhilarating! Check out Running Universal for the next upcoming races in Hollywood and Orlando!

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