Running Universal Jurassic World Run 10K 2019 Review

The Jurassic World Run 10K was the first 10K to be hosted at Universal Hollywood as part of their Running Universal races. We were thrilled to be a part of the challenge race weekend by completing the 5K and 10K to earn a bonus 3rd medal! The theme, the entertainment, and a great theme park made for an amazing running weekend!

Our costumes for the Running Universal Jurassic Run 10K were inspired by InGen Genetic Engineers, complete with baby dinos!

Jurassic World 10K Course

The Jurassic World 10K course was similar to the 5K, with the added benefit of extra time in the backlot area! Since that is easily our favorite part of Universal Hollywood, we were thrilled for some extra time. There are some great photo ops in the Western area, featuring some of the oldest standing sets in existence!

The Jurassic World Run 10K goes through a lot of the Universal Hollywood Backlot, including Amity Island from Jaws!

A there and back section was added to the front of the course. While it may have not been as thrilling as the theme park sections, it was nice and flat which is a rarity on this course! The best part of the 10K course was that it was arranged so that the miles flew by! We always love a course that feels easy and fun!

Jurassic World 10K Entertainment

With way less runners for the 10K, the entertainment options all had less lines! There were loads of opportunities for photos with Jurassic World favorites and theme park backdrops. While there was the addition of a few additional movie cars, the character stops remained the same. We stopped for all the same photos to ensure we had a good shot from every stop!

The Raptor Encounter was a super cool photo opportunity on the Jurassic World 10K course!

Jurassic World 10K Medal and Swag

The 10K medal is a great representation of the Jurassic World dinosaurs we all love! Partnered with the 5K and Challenge medal, it makes for a great looking trio! The T-Shirt is a stunning blue option that is a performance cotton type material. This shirt is a nice weight to wear into the parks!

Overall, we loved this entire race weekend! We recommend this race for anyone missing a Southern California fun running experience. This race series was hugely successful and only has room to grow! There is a world of possibility with great themes from all the amazing Universal characters! Running Universal has great options for races in Hollywood and Orlando!

Meeting this baby raptor was the highlight of the Running Universal VIP Experience!

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